HYPE Project Fundraiser

"This project has been created to champion the lives of children & teens who have been impacted by the financial, mental, & physical detriments of the COVID 19 pandemic.  We are coming together as a community of Washingtonians to offer a renewed sense of HOPE by raising funds to give equitable access to mental health supports, summer/sports camps that provide mental, physical, social & emotional development as well as COVID 19 relief for basic needs such as food & toiletry items for children & teens in Washington State.  All donations will be collected through the Hopes & Dreams Foundation 501C3.   

Families in WA state will have the opportunity to apply for a one time grant through the Hopes & Dreams Foundation that they can apply toward paying for medical bills for mental health services, summer/sports camps which provide mental, physical, social/emotional and or academic growth & development opportunities, or basic needs support for food & toiletry items for children ages birth – 18.

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        For more information visit the HYPE Project Website

HYPE Project at Northeast Tacoma Elementary