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  1. The best place to start is your classroom teacher. Find contact information in the staff directory.
  2. For additional support or information contact your counselor or school principal. 
  3. For district programs and supports, contact our district office.
Name Position Email Phone Website
Devenuti, Kristeanna Principal  Email    
Eklund, Debbie Office Coordinator Email 253-571-6960  
Beetham, Pia Transitional Kindergarten Email 253-571-6962  
Bloedorn, Kimberly Paraeducator - Success Class Email 253-571-6966  
Britton, Lani 1st Grade Email 253-571-6953 Website
Bonner, Laura 1st Grade Email 253-571-6957  
Cady, Lyndsey 5th Grade Email 253-571-6984  
Calley, LaRisha Success Class Email 253-571-6966  
Castellanos, Ana Preschool ECAP Email 253-571-6988  
Clever, Jamie 4th Grade Email 253-571-6983 Website
Fain, Brenna

3rd Grade

Email 253-571-6979  
Flynn, Stacee LRC Email 253-571-6945  
Gillis, Gail Instructional Coach Email 253-571-6941  
Gottschalk, Tyler School Nurse Email 253-571-6943  
Grelson, Brittany 4th Grade Email 253-571-6981 Website
Haase, Don 2nd Grade Email 253-571-6954  
Hausske, Cindy Paraeducator - Success Class Email 253-571-6966  
Hinson, Janet 2nd Grade Email 253-571-6950 Website
Hollon, Melissa Psychologist Email 253-571-6985  
Hoyle, Mark 5th Grade Email 253-571-6982 Website
Hunter, Connie Kindergarten Email 253-571-6965 Website
Joo, Duk (DJ) ELL Email 253-571-6970 Website
Kilgore, Rhonda LPN - Health Room Email    
Kind, Tom Kindergarten Email 253-571-6961 Website
Kinnee, Grant Physical Therapist Email    
McMahill, Terry Paraeducator - Preschool Email 253-571-6962  
Meyers, Shannon Preschool, ECEAP Email 253-571-6964 Website
O'Neill, Missy Occupational Therapist Email    
Pendergrass, Brieanne Paraeducator - ECEAP Email 253-571-6964  
Richter, Pamela Office Professional Email 253-571-6959  
Rimorin, Sarah 3rd Grade Email 253-571-6980  
Shepard, Michele LAP Email 253-571-6972 Website
Sofie, Amy Counselor Email 253-571-6944  
Steinman, Rhonda Librarian Email 253-571-6971 Website
Tuttle, Gwenda 3rd Grade Email 253-571-6978 Website
Tuttle, Caitlin Paraeducator - Success Class Email 253-571-6966  
Vacca, Andrea Kindergarten Email 253-571-6968  
Waller, Liz Paraeducator Email 253-571-6974  
Whalen, Julie Music Email 253-571-6990 Website
White, Cathy Librarian Email 253-571-6971 Website
Wilkins, Maggie Paraeducator - ECEAP Email 253-571-6964  
Willimas, Kristy ECEAP - Preschool Email 253-571-6988  
Willamson, Paul Speech Email 253-571-6977  
Yi, Macalla 1st Grade Email 253-571-6955 Website
Zapanta, John PE Email 253-571-6976 Website