Principal's Welcome Message

Picture of principal - Kristeanna Devenuti


Happy New Year Explorer families! I know that 2021 has been a challenging year for all of us. We have all suffered many losses this past year. Some of us have lost people we love; most have lost time with people we love and all of us have lost experiences we love doing due to restrictions. I know we are all growing tired of COVID restrictions and protocols, but I remain hopeful for a future where we do return to a more normal state of being and where we can remain healthy together as a community.

I have been so humbled to lead this building during a most challenging time and am so grateful for the support of staff and families. Northeast Tacoma really is a family, and we hold each other up no matter our struggle. Our kids are living through this challenge and doing it with tremendous grace and care for one another and for their teachers. Spending so many months out of school, our kids really are putting in great effort to remain in their classrooms, learning in person. And I am so proud of how hard each of them is working at staying safe and working diligently to learn all that they can.

While everyone is stressed by our current situation, please rest assured that I am available to answer your questions and concerns and that we will continue to work to improve all areas of our school, while maintaining the incredible growth trajectory that has been our pattern at NET.

I look forward to a future where we can enjoy and celebrate the successes of our school and students face to face, but until that time, please know that all growth, no matter the size is celebrated as a win for our school and for each individual student who is making growth. Someday soon, I hope we will be able to enjoy celebrations together, in our multipurpose room in assembly fashion, but until that time, just know that I am incredibly proud to lead this school and so excited to see our students achieve in the most challenging time of any of our lives. Great things are coming in 2022 and I can’t wait to experience them with this community.

Stay healthy and be well explorers!

Ms. Devenuti