Our mission is to empower students to be positive changemakers.  

This was awarded to NET by the Washington State Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction for

outstanding student growth and for closing achievement gaps between the highest and lowest students!

Northeast Tacoma Elementary is a Washington State Recognized School!

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We envision preparing 100% of Northeast Tacoma Elementary’s students to enter middle school as empathetic, adaptable problem solvers who are committed to making the world a better place. Every NET professional will collaborate to empower every NET student to be a positive changemaker by honoring these commitments:

1. Student Engagement Comes First: Northeast students will grow by owning their learning through self-assessment, goal setting, and self-monitoring in a highly-engaging, discussion-rich, rigorous learning environment.

2. Community is Key: Families are Northeast’s most important resource, and they are essential to our students’ success. Our families’ diversity strengthens our school and our community. Staff, families, students and community members will learn from one another and work as a team to ensure that every student is seen, known, cared for and celebrated.

3. Equity Matters: Northeast staff will use culturally-responsive, trauma-informed, and restorative practices to ensure that every voice at Northeast is engaged, heard, honored, and empowered.  

4. Social Emotional Learning is Foundational: Northeast’s community will utilize wellness-based practices to encourage student mindfulness and self-regulation while developing social awareness and relationship skills with peers, educators, and families. We are committed to teaching schoolwide expectations of kindness, mutual respect, and responsible decision making.  

5. Different Students Have Different Needs: Northeast’s teachers are warm demanders who care deeply and hold high expectations for all students. They are committed to recognizing and addressing the unique learning styles and needs of their students, and differentiating through standards-based one-on-one, small group and whole group instruction in every classroom, every day.

6. Data Drives Decision-Making: Northeast will measure each student’s unique strengths, needs and growth using a variety of assessment tools. We will use that data to execute schoolwide decisions, design core instruction and plan strategic intervention, frequently reassessing to ensure that all aspects of teaching and decision-making are effective.

7. Teachers Grow as Teams: Northeast’s teachers will work in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), employing data analysis, personal reflection and collective efficacy to continuously improve teaching practice and deliver excellent instruction.